Lovely meal from my wife

Today there is something unusual with my wife. Waking up early in the morning and off she goes to the market. A day before, she told me that I will be served with something special for breakfast. 

I thought that was a joke, because she never do this before.

The best ingredients finally arrived at home and she made herself busy in the kitchen. As a good husband, I could only let her alone did her thing.
And I enjoyed the television programs.

I lied myself comfortably down on the bed while waiting for a call.

Jumping from one tv channel to the other. Trying to find the one the suited my desire. Then, I stuck in an adventure program.

Hey, why did you hanging out on tv instead of youtube?
To be honest, internet speed at that time was extraordinarily slow. Nothing much you could do. Even the data plan was unbelievably expensive.

Then came the call

"Honey, come here", said my wife.
Without any further thinking, I stormed my way to the kitchen. A crunchy delicious appetizing smell overpowered the entire chef room.

That was something to me.

A plate of rice and a bowl of boiling soup sat nicely on the table.

"Come, fill your hungry stomach fast", she broke my admiration.

I dragged the chair out and positioned myself well. "Oh my sweet lord, thank you for this delicious meal that you've sent through the skillful hand of my wife", I said a quiet soundless pray.
I dug into the meal under surveillance of satisfied sweet smiling face.

"Do you want more?"
I nodded gently.

Then came another bowl.
It took no time to devour the soup. Last within minutes.

The ingredients were simple, dominated mostly by vegetables. Broccoli, carrot, potato, tomatoes and chicken broth. 
Mixed well with secret spices that I didn't want to know. Let it to be her secret.

A delightful taste

When the first one full spoon finally reach its destination, my mouth, wow, it is incredible.

A tasty delightful taste spread quickly across my body. Amazing, never have this kind of soup before. Just enjoying every part of it.

Spoon after spoon come and go.
Then it's finish.

No more broth or vegetables to dig.

For sure, it is one is my favorite. I just can't get enough, always wanting more and more.

When the weather chill my bone hard, this soup always come to mind. And I have to order before, so that she can buy all the ingredients.

A money saving dish

Within a limited budget, my wife can have all the ingredients to create this soup. And it's enough for the three of us.
Yes, my boy love it too.

A bowl of soup and a small plate of rice are enough.

Nothing more.

It saves a lot of our money, comparing when we go out and decide to eat somewhere. The cost just outstanding.
The money we spend in a food vendor for one occasion is enough to feed my family for two days. 

A day we usually eat three times.

A big different right?

That is why she always cook for us everyday. But in a certain time, we decide to spend the money outside for food.
Not many, we do that a few times in a month, three or four times.            

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