Young Guitar Player, Sungha Jung

For you, who love music, especially instrument, this music from Sungha Jung should really be considered.

Because he plays the guitar so good and the music feel soft and nice. I love to listen to his playing.

I knew him from youtube, then started to watch one of his videos. So attracting and give a different feeling.

He has been playing guitar since a little boy and there are videos in his childhood.

Now, he has turn into young mature guitar player and I keep watching his playing whenever he release new video.

Not only me..

A lot of friends also become an admirer of him.

One of my favorite videos is "Pirate Caribbean soundtrack movie". He played this when he still so young..

I give you a screenshot..

source :

He's still very young, right?

And one reason why he so famous in youtube is because of  his subscriber, 4.6 million. A lot right? And the video above has been watched 54 million times.

That views come just by one video..

Or you can check in youtube and use keyword "sungha jung".

The music that generated just by guitar has a certain feeling, and for me it's so relaxing. I'd love to listen to this music in my leisure time.

It's make me comforter..

Why don't you try to listen to his music?
You gonna like it..

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