Morning View, Village in Bali

Waking up in the morning before the sun proclaiming its presence is such a wonderful experience for me.

Dark gloomy yellowish orange nuance steal the show. 

My mind is blown away into a very pleasant calmness and an indescribable comfort. 
While enjoying the view, I make myself run around the home yard.


Trying to train the muscle, so it gains its flexibility again.
Stretching the body left and right, following the shape of the cloud that move right and left from the center of the light.

Beautiful blend

When I look to the picture of that sky, I feel the softness of this cloud that is blended with light from the morning sun.

This light is so blurry, just like when the first time we open our eyes from our nice sleep in the morning.
It looks like to try recognizing its environment.

When it knows the surrounding, soon it will come into bright light that will lighten our way to go through this day.

Light become lighter and lighter, time to prepare to work.

On the way to workplace, this bright light still accompany me along the way.
  • It shower its warm to my body and all of the earth. 
  • It give me the bold spirit that this day I won’t be alone, because the sun will be there for me. 

This light penetrate between small space in the crowd of the tree leaves, space between building just to touch my body.

Thank you light
Thank you morning,

It is a huge bless for me to see you early today. I want to see you again tomorrow, so I will absorb your spirit again.

Enjoy it the most when holiday

Holiday means free from office work related things. I have an abundant time to spend for myself, especially in the morning.

Those pictures are the snapshots of my home village, in Buleleng, Bali. Sawan village to be exact. 
It still preserves its unspoiled nature.

The busy rush of flowing water, the bright smile of the flower and also the appearance of the sun. They are all relaxing.
I can enjoy them in a longer time.

Thanks a lot holiday.

Walking along side this small stream and hearing its ripple sound are something that most people want to enjoy.
Especially the city dwellers.

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