Turn Off Pop-up blocker in Mozilla Firefox

For you who have encounter this problem when accessing some sites, there is a very easy way to do.

But for your safety when surfing on the internet, this is still the best way to get more protection. Because this blocker blocks any unwanted threat that may infiltrate your computer and could cause harm, even danger.

And if you insist to turn it off, here are step by step tutorials.

Do this!!

To do this is so simple, for you that use firefox.

This is how to turn it off :

1. Go to your browser

2. Push "alt" button and then menu tab will show up

3. Go to "tools > options" and then click on the block pop up windows.


And if you want to activate "pop up blocker" again, just click on the box of "block pop up windows". Now you won't see so many pop up that will show up when accessing websites.

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