Amazing Bicycle Kick From Indonesian Player

This goal was so cool. I love to see how the ball is delivered to the net. To make this kind of goal, must be so difficult.

And the one who did it was Widodo Cahyono Putra. He was Indonesian striker. During AFC Cup in 1996, he scored this goal and I thought that this was the best goal in this tournament.

How did he score this goal?

When he received a long pass from the right flank, he directly kicked the ball in the air. The ball flew and finally reached the net..

To see this kind of process, the chance is so rare. Not in every match we can find this beautiful goal and a few strikers can make this happen.

You can watch this video in youtube, just type this keywords : "widodo c putro asian cup 1996".

Watch that and you can see how this amazing gol happened.

Other goals

I've said earlier that this kind of goal is rare to be seen, but that is not mean there are no other goals like this. Yes there are more..

One place to find it is in youtube..

Just type "bicycle goal", and you will be provided with some best collection videos that provide this kind of amazing goals.

One memorable goal that football lover might know is the one that was scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This player has so much potential to tear the net of his opponent.

And he  succeeded to create this..

A very long bicycle kick that sent the ball to the net. So impressive!! He scored this when his national team, Sweden, faced England in friendly match.

When he knew the goal keeper was moving to far from his area, by taking no more time, he just slammed the ball by this beautiful movement.

And yes, it was a goal.

Still in youtube..
There are more beautiful goals to watch.

Just use the keywords "bicycle goal".

So here, I give you two thing :

  • first the goal that was created by widodo c putro
  • and the second one is other goals that had a process like the first one.
Naa.. football really give a beautiful performance for its lover. And this kind of goal will keep happen and happen for the next future games..

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