Formula of Cylinder (Tube) Volume and Area

The common formula of volume for some shapes is "base area times height".
This formula can be used to calculate the volume of cylinder, prism, cube, and cuboid.

A cylinder has a circular base, so its base area is the area of a circle.


Volume = Base area × height


From the picture above, we know that :
  • r = radius of a circle
  • h = height of cylinder

Find the base area first :
Base area = area of a circle
Base area = πr²

Now we can proceed to volume formula of cylinder :

The volume of cylinder = base area x height
Volume = πr² × h

That is the formula of cylinder volume.


The formula of an area of a cylinder is :

Area = 2πr × (r+h)

Now, we can calculate the area and volume of a cylinder if its radius and height are known.
Happy calculating...

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