Let's Enjoy The Beauty of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the popular tourism objects in Bali and located in Bangli Regency. Because it sits in high altitude, the cool air will touch you soon. 

During May to August, chilly air will embrace whoever passing through this region. After those months, the weather just fine. 
Even we don't have to be covered by a thick jacket. 

Good spot to enjoy the mount

One of the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the mount is Kintamani. 
This place offers a spectacular view from above. 

We feel like our position is level with the top of the second-highest mount in Bali. 

If we are lucky enough, meet with a clear blue sky, the mount will show itself so vividly. 
From the top until the bottom part of it can be observed with the naked eye. 

Don't forget the camera!

Take some shots and aim it to catch a memorable picture that will always remind you of this mighty mount. 

More to enjoy

Not only the mount itself, but there is also one thing you should enjoy.
The lake. 

It is named as the same as the mount, Lake Batur. 

Near the lake, if you want to relax your body, there are some places that offer good comfort. 

Natural hot bathing spot, a pool where you can submerge the body to relax the muscles.
A habit that is usually done by many Japanese after a day of hard work. 

"Hot" is not mean the temperature reach a boiling point. 
It is actually warm. 

Soaking the body for a longer time wouldn't be a problem. 
It is just fine!! 

Feel hungry? 

Don't worry. 
There are restaurants that will calm your groaning stomach. 

Some restaurants even have a stunning view of the mount. 
You can enjoy the food while watching it stand firmly, exhibit its charm. 

What a memorable moment. 

Need a cheaper option?
Yes, there is.. 

Besides the restaurant, small food sellers or warung that are organized by local people also offer traditional delicacy. 

That is fried or grill fish. 

These fishes are caught by local fisherman from Lake Batur. 
Gurame is favorite here. 

The price?
It is reasonable.

Touch of Balinese spices is so tense. That makes these dishes will you can only find in Bali. 

mount batur
mount batur

When I took this picture, the sky is so clear. So that the mount can reveal itself to every people that are passing by.

Even though I often pass on this road, the beauty of the mount always captivates my mind. I couldn't resist giving a quick glance to it.
When we are staring at each other, I just feel relieved.

"What a beautiful mount"

batur surrounding
batur surrounding

Once in a month or two, I must be passing on this mount. Because my homeland is located in Buleleng and right now I live in Gianyar.

When travelling home, I often choose this path.

These two regions, Gianyar dan Buleleng are connected by the road that passes on Mount Batur. That is why I will always enjoy its beauty.

batur surrounding
batur surrounding

Those are some pictures about Mount Batur and if you come to Bali, don't forget to visit this place. Local and foreign tourist flock Kintamani every day to see the beauty of Mount Batur.

Thank you...

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