Action, Make Your Dream Come True

We all have a lot of dreams, wishes, and hopes. 
Then how many of them do come into reality?

Maybe few or even none...

What's wrong? 
One possible answer is that we just keep it in our mind and don't let it out.

How to let it out?

To let it out means we do actions and make progress to reach those dreams. Sometimes it is easy to make it come true and often we hit a stubborn thick wall. 
Don't stop!

Keep going.

A strong heart is a must.
If we keep thinking about it and constantly try many different ways, that dream will come true.


We want to make money just by sitting in front of the computer and blog is the one that comes across the mind
This is one of a thousand ways to generate money online nowadays. 

Money doesn't shower onto us right from the start we make the blog. 
It requires tremendous efforts, big determination, a strong desire to succeed. 

If we have a lack of enthusiasm or a short-minded successful person, in a matter of days, blog will be abandoned.

New articles have to be released every day to update it. This process consumes time, energy, and stamina.
The update makes our blog fresher and fresher.

Our reader love something new, don't let them down!

Then, we have to promote it.
To tell the crows.

Let them know that we have a blog.

One by one, the reader comes by and enjoys our writing. When they are satisfied, they will come again another day.
Or, if they think an article can be useful for others, they will share it on social media.

This is a jackpot.

By making a reader happy, he helps us spreading the blog into a crowder community. The more the reader, the better for the blog.
Visitors come and increase pageviews.

In this stage, then we ready to monetize the blog.

Huge visitors mean big income. 
Because blogger rely on advertising to generate money.

When a visitor clicks ads, then the money starts flowing. More clicks more money and more visitors trigger more clicks.

It takes time

Wait a minute...

Before stepping on this stage, huge efforts should be done. 
  • Thinking the next article
  • Composing it nicely
  • Promoting
  • Learning basic coding
  • Modifying template
  • Searching for good advice
  • Reading blogging tips
We do this over and over.

Sometimes we find out the number of visitors soaring high, a big smile couldn't we resist. Another day, that number falls deep into the darkest world that brings sorrow to our hearts.
This is the process that we must have been through.

Don't give up

Whatever we dream, take actions, and live in it. This is the recipe to make it come true. Difficulty and trouble will say hello often.
Tackle them.

Make progress.

Progress takes us closer to the top.
Step by step.

Like hiking to the highest mount in the world, we make one small step then followed by many other small steps.
After some time, we end up at the top.

Let's take action by action to meet our dream.

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