Great Way to Improve Typing Skill

Typing is common in this modern world. Employees, students, teachers use computers to make reports, create learning media, and more.

We strongly depend on computers to do almost everything right?
Yes, we do.

Improve typing ability

The widespread of computers, make us to at least type well. 
Because the main input to our computer is typing.

Making reports, programs, software, books, pdf, and everything is basically a typing activity. That all happens because we type something.

We must master a fast typing skill by utilizing all the fingers in both hands. 
Typing even faster and a lot better.

Then how to improve this skill?

It's so easy. 
We can use the software. One that comes in handy is "Rapid Typing Tutor". 

That is our guy.

The software is free (freeware) and can be downloaded without any cost. It's small in size and won't cause any trouble with your computers.

You can find learning processes from the very basic. 
  • Like how to place the fingers on the keyboard
  • Letters covering every finger can.


Starting from the very basic one, you can find them in the menu. If you're new to this ten fingers typing, it is a must to follow the given lesson.
Soon you will find they are very helpful.

Make sure the fingers' positioning is correct.

Try every day, every time you can.

Practice dan practice more.
Don't give up.

If you're patient enough, once you get used to this typing activity, everything is fantastic. Your workflow just gets faster dan better. 

Then, don't hesitate to learn this skill.
It's so handful.

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