Great Ways to Spend Your Holiday at Home

Sometimes when holiday comes, we want to spend our time at home. Doing some activities with our beloved family and have fun with them.

It's so interesting..

To make your holiday even better, there are some activities that you can choose to do at home These activities are worth to try and you can gain benefit from it.

Here are some activities that you might like to do :

1. Cleaning house

Cleaning house may take a lot of effort and time, especially when your house is big enough. You can clean all part of the house, like windows, doors, floor, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom.

Cleaning those all will make your house getting shinny again. Take all  of family members to do this.

More people involve, the quicker it will finish.

When everything has done, a happy feeling will grow in your heart because you all have done a great work.

And this happy feeling also come because you see a clean and beautiful look of your house.

Naturally, we will experience a happy feeling when see something good, clean and beautiful. Do you agree with me?

2. Reading book

It's time to read your favorite books. Use this free time to get some idea from that book or finish the novel that you cannot reach before.

Holiday provide a lot of time.

For sure, there will be many pages can be read and sooner you will finish the story in that book.

Why should read book?

Book is the source of information. Although internet has become a major source of every information, book still become a favorite till today.

  • It is easy to use
  • No need a source of energy from battery
  • No need internet connection, so it can be read offline
  • No need a specific treatment
  • Won't break easily if you drop it down

Another advantage of reading a book is that we won't suffer from irritated eyes quickly compare to when we read an online article from computer or gadget.

3. Watching movie

Yeah, this is a great time to watch favorite movie. You can watch up till two to three movies when holiday come.

It is very possible..

Now you have more than 12 hours of free time.

Watching two or three movies is possible as long as you still have enough attention to watch the entire story.

Usually, or maybe, some people will only love to see a movie in a day.

But if you are a movie maniac, this will become a great opportunity to fulfill the desire to know the plot that happen in it.

4. Cooking

Helping your wife, your mother to do activities in the kitchen. Who knows, may be this experience will improve your skill in cooking.

You can make your own favorite food and sure it has a lot of fun.

By making food together, it can tighten the bonding of family members and you also can share some interesting stories that make situation more live.

Already have a plan?

Those are some great activities to spend your holiday at home. So at home we can make holiday even more colorful and joyful.

Or you already have something cool to do when holiday come?

Of course there are still lot more interesting activities that can be chosen, so that your holiday won't end up into bored feeling because of nothing special to do.

  • gardening
  • travelling
  • visiting friend
  • fixing bicycle
  • and many more
You can pick one and do that with your family, hopefully everything will goes according to what you want..

Happy holiday..

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2 comments for "Great Ways to Spend Your Holiday at Home"

  1. Itu semua kegiatan kesukaanku, kalo lagi ngga ada jadwal berlibur ke lokasi wisata 😁 ...
    Eits, tapi kalo masak ngga ding .. karena aku kurang pinter masak memasak.

    1. mas himawant sibuk ekplor alam terus ya, kecuali hujan baru kayaknya tinggal di rumah, hehehe..
      nah, bisa dicoba memasak sekali-kali..