How to Make a Good Presentation Slide

Before presenting in front of the big boss, friends, or audiences, make sure the presentation has been made well.

To engage the viewers even more.

One factor of a good presentation is its slide design. How it looks.

Give more attention to this factor. Spend more time designing an eye-catching one. Don't be too hasty and in the rush of finishing it.

How to make a good slide?

If you are new to this slide designing process, don't worry! This happens to all of us. How to design, what to make, what to write and etc.
First, you just need to dig in.
Try and give it a shot.

Here I want to share some tips to create a good slide

1. Simple

Don't even think of a delicate yet full-color slide.
Keep that mind aside.

Simple always come in handy and easy to be digested by the viewers.

By engaging some basic shapes, like rectangles and triangles, we can wrap the background image up nicely and produce a more powerful yet clean slide.

Write only the point of the speech.

Don't overwhelm the slide and cover most of the space by sentences. That is not a good way to make viewers listen to us.
Instead, they will read that passage and soon will ignore our explanation.

Keep it short, just the point and we run the show.

2. There is a logo

If you are a student, use your school logo and attach it to the top right or top left of the slide. Make it appear in every slide that you make.

3. Easy to read font

Another simple thing that must be taken into consideration is a simple font. Simple font makes the audience easier to read the point of the slide.

Some simple fonts are like :
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana
  • Georgia

Or if you have other simple fonts, go ahead, use them.

4. Supporting data

Supporting data will enrich the presentation. Use graphs as additional information to make the viewers easy to understand a certain process.

We can also use a popular person's opinion to make our statement even more convincing.

5. Use the interesting pictures

Pictures are perfect to strengthen our slide appearance. Often, just by a swift glimpse, one can understand the message on it instantly.

Just make sure, you choose an appropriate picture.

The final step, practice!

The fascinating yet powerful slide would mean nothing if you can not deliver the story well to the viewers.
What a pity right?

Then, make sure you give the best shot to send the message in every slide that you have made.

Practice a lot.
Yes, I mean a lot.

By practicing more and often, you can improve yourself even better. Error and misdelivering will be noticed, and you know how to fix them.

Then we can arrange the more fluid sentences yet easy to be understood. If you nail the delivery of those powerful slides, it is a huge success!

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