Happiness Is Your Own Wish. Believe It?

Everyone wants to be happy, every day, every time, and everywhere. But the truth is not always like that. 
Happiness has a very close friend, sadness. They are like twin brothers but come from the opposite parts of the universe.

They behave oppositely but complete each other. 
When we now are surrounded by happiness and soon after sadness will take over. So we must be always prepared for every possibility.


I have a very good example.
This is my personal experience of facing this come one after another situation.

Today your boss calling, asking to come to his room and he gives you a bright white envelope. He tells you that is the bonus for your contribution for the company this month.

Nah, wouldn't you feel happy in this kind of situation? 
You need to dance and jump as hard as you can. Happiness is overwhelming you right now and still don't know how to use the money.  

Just a few seconds later, you remember that you have to pay the loan from a friend and it cost almost all of your today bonus. 

Sadness gradually comes and shows his sorrowful face. Your happiness is gone and sadness stays.

Happiness and sadness could come in just a blink of an eye. Change suddenly and without notification to come. But in every situation, you can choose to be happy or sad. 
Yes, you can decide it by your own will.

How is that working?

When you receive a bonus from the boss then have some amount of money in hand and realize that this money will be used to pay a loan, you can choose to be happy.

By telling yourself that right now you are a lucky person, because of receiving a bonus so that could pay the loan and have no obligation to pay anymore. 

You will be happy because your debt is completely gone and worry-free. Monthly salary wouldn't be cut again to pay this debt and you can use it for a better purpose.

Now if choose to be sad. 
You can lament this situation by telling yourself that you are a poor person because couldn't use that bonus to buy a new gadget, new shoes, new clothes, and other new things. 
Sure right now your heart will be full of sadness.


I realize this when I faced a situation like the example above. 
In my opinion, it is just like a game of mind. If I put my mind into a good situation and the ending will be good too. 

But if I put it into the sadness and for sure I will experience a sad situation.

I think it depends on us to decide whether want to be happy or sad...

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