Your IDM Don't Appear When Downloading File? Try These steps

You mostly depend on Internet Download Manager (IDM) to do task of downloading file from the internet. But it's download button don't appear whe downloading that file. What is going on?

Maybe you miss these steps after installing IDM in your computer. Remember this, these steps will be done after you have installed IDM in your computer. So make sure this has been completed and this tips is for Firefox browser.

Ok, now we will try to solve the problem.

(1) First you must go to this link "IDM add-on". Click that link and you will be directed to the website and see this picture.

First step
Once you arrive in this website, go directly to the bottom of the page and find the "Install button" (blue circled). You will download the "IDM add-on" and that file will be saved in your computer.

(2) Go back to your firefox browser

Second step

Press "alt" button on the keyboard and group of menus will show up. Choose "Tools" and then click "add-on".

(3) You will see add-on page on firefox

Third step
Find the star icon in the right above side of the page (red circled). Click that icon and choose "install add-on from file". Now search for the file that you've already downloaded in the first step, click that file and follow the instructions till finish.

(4) Now, this is the last step to make your IDM button appear when trying to download file.

Forth step
Hit "alt" button again on your keyboard and choose the "tools" menu and click "Add-on". Then you will this page below.

Fifth step
Look at the fifth step picture above, watch the red circled one. Click extension and find IDM CC, then click "enable".

All of the steps have been done and now is the time to see the result. Restart your browser and hope you welcome the appearance of IDM button when downloading file.

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