Tips for Learning Foreign Language by Our Own self

Learning foreign language is important for us nowadays.
Because we've lived in the world without border.

What's that mean?
Technology run so fast, make us getting closer to each other by the touch of internet.

That is why we must understand some foreign languages that make us easier communicating to other who come from a different country.

Master it at home

To master a certain foreign language from home without taking any course, is an achievable goal. We can do that.
Here are some tips you can try.

1. Buy at least 3 books

You must have at least three books.
Because by reading not just from a single source, you can touch a lot of brand new words. Each book has its own characteristic.

They will use different approach to write the books and so the words. Here you will learn a lot of words directly just from these three books.

How if there some words from one book also present in the other books?
That's absolutely good, because you can remember the meaning of those words again and again. In the end, your understanding will increase.

2. Read over and over

Never ever get tired!!
When you have finished one chapter, don't just move to the next chapter. It would be better to repeat it once again. 

Read the chapter from the very first page and remember all the words.

Repetition is very important step when learning foreign language. 

By repeating it over and over, you will have a bigger chance to remember the meaning of some words. If forget the meaning of a word, just go back to the page where that word is and memorize its meaning.

Keep doing this

Keep doing these activities everyday and never give up when you stumble in the middle of the road.  Just go through it and find solution from other sources.

One source that is very effective is by searching it on the internet. Type the words that represent your problem and read all the suggested web.


By combining those two steps above and internet connection, surely will drive your progress into an expected level.
Reading a lot of sources will provide a lot of different perspectives to learn.

Happy learning.

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