Area and Volume of Cuboid

A cuboid is one of the tridimensional shapes. Because of its tridimensional, this shape has volume. It means that we can put something into it.

And now, we will see how the formula to find its area and volume.

Area of cuboid

To find the total area, we can sum up the area of each side. There are six sides in one cuboid. The properties of the cuboid that we must know are :
  • Left side and right side have the same area, W x H
  • Front side and rear side have the same area, L x H
  • Topside and bottom side have the same area, L x W

W = width of cuboid,
H = Height ,
L = length. 


Now we will calculate the total area!

Total area = front area + rear area + left area + right area + top area + bottom area
                 = L.H + L.H + W.H + W.H + L.W + L.W
                 = 2. L.H + 2.W.H + 2.L.W
                 = 2 (L.H + W.H + L.W).

That is the total area of a cuboid.

Volume of cuboid

The volume of a cuboid is the multiplication of its length, width, and height.
Then, we can write a formula like this.

Volume = L×W×H

The formula of the volume is much simpler than that of its area.

Happy calculating the area and volume of the cuboid.

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