Here Are Alternative Devices to Find Calculator

Calculator is a device that we use to ease calculations. And one of the general form of calculator is the one that we usually found on our the desk. This device is very useful for us, students too.

As the technology develop very rapidly, many devices can contain not only one function. Those are also included a calculator. Here are some devices that you can use to do some calculation.

1. Personal computer or Laptop

PC Calculator
PC Calculator

PC or Laptop can provide you a calculator. This can be access directly from the menu button.

Or we can type "calculator" in the search bar and soon the device that we are looking for will appear. Like the one above.

2. Smartphone

This is a very multi function devices. Why?

The main function of smartphone is to easily connected with your friends. Besides that, a calculation process can be done here by accessing the calculator application.

Just find the app on your phone.

3. Google

calculation on google search engine
Calculation on google search engine
This is another function of google search engine.

The most common function of this search engine is to find something that you type on it. And a calculation process also can be done here easily.

  • Just type the calculation, for example => 48 : 6. 
  • Then you must write like this in search column => 48/6, final step just press enter button.

For multiplication you can use this mark "*". For example 6 x 8 this can be written like this => 6 * 8. For addition and subtraction use (+) and (-) sign.

Those are three alternative devices to find calculator.
Hope this article can help you..

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