Hard to Find A Solution for A Problem? Try This

Every day, the problem always shows its beautiful face. Whether at the office, home, and anywhere, it can appear suddenly without notice.

That is the natural habit of the problem.

We must be ready anytime and anywhere.

What can we do when the problem starts showing its presence?

Try to do this

The first and very important thing is staying calm.
Don't panic!!

Panic acts like fuel and the problem is the spark itself.
When they meet each other, something extraordinary would happen.

A big explosion is inevitable.

Frankly, we don't want to face such a delicate situation.

So, stay calm.
It will keep us away from a more horrible situation.

My own experience when dealing with unpredictable situation

And now, I would like to share a situation that takes me to an uneasy feeling.

Here it is.
I teach math to some students.

Once I found a question, it seemed really easy. "Oh, I can solve this in seconds".
But, the question said the other way.

I found it tough.
What should I do?

I tried hard to figure out the situation and finally a dead end.
Oh no...

The harder I thought of its solution, everything just getting more uncontrollable.

So, I just stay calm.
It made me relax.

Don't force yourself further when it feels stuck.
Otherwise, take a break and do some activities that are completely not related to the problem. Like talking to your friend, see a beautiful view in your surrounding, read something funny, call a friend, etc.

Remember that the activities we do are not related to the problem.

This is like a refreshing air to our mind, we feel something different.

And when I didn't think about the problem, suddenly a good idea came from nowhere. I tried it right away.

And you know what, it works like magic.

Maybe this sounds a bit ridiculous...
But this helps me a lot and often.

Not only related to the problem of work but it works perfectly well in any situation in everyday life. When I found myself getting lost with a problem, I did something different and absolutely didn't correlate to the work.
Magic happens and I found a good way to clear it.

Another important thing that we should remember is  "we must believe that we can solve it" and a solution will come to us.
If we don't believe, the solution will never come.

Hope this will be helpful for you and thank for visiting my blog.

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