Why do People Love Playing Game?

Many kinds of games can be found easily today. With the latest technology, one popular game can be played on multiplatform.

Any gadget, whether are computer, smartphone, or tablet, can be our main tool to enjoy our favorites.

What do make us love gaming?

There are several reasons to justify why we love this app so much. 

1. A companion in our spare time

Having so much spare time to spend?
The game can be the answer. Just choose one of your favorite.

Dwelling in it, could make us forget about time.

In some cases, an hour or two will pass by so fast.
How fun it is.

2. Tackling challenges

Once we tried a game and couldn't tackle a hard challenge, we will be tempted to try again. Again and again into another failure.

This endless failure will motivate us to try harder even stonger.

Game offers this sensation.
This is why so many people love games, because they are challenged to finish a stage where they always fail.

3. Make us happy

Although this is not completely true, some people consider playing game offer so much fun. When they enggage in it, suddenly happiness fill their soul.
Something pleasant happening.

There are some games that is designed to be easier to play and mainly aimed for fun only. Usually they are small size app.
When installed, in a matter of second will be completed.

We will have a lot of fun in it.

Serious games offer a completely contrast sensation.
Often we find a gamer will smash their equipment if they fail to win.

4. Easy to be accessed

As I mention earlier, games can be accessed from multiplatform. One that is mostly owned by people is smartphone.
This little guy can satisfy one's desire to play game.

Many free games available.

No cost at all.

It is heaven for them.

This easiness makes them love games even more. If they get bored with a particular one, plenty of reserves available.
Hmmm... So interesting.

What do make you love gaming?

Then, how about you?
What is the main reason of loving game?

May be you have the spesific one.
Whatever it is, game is so special for many people. They can experience something that is completely different from the real life.

They feel something new and challenging. 
Don't you feel it to??

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